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Xenophobia In Medellin?

What Colombians Think Of Gringos

In the latest video, I talked about foreigners in Medellin. There was a note all over Poblado that said: “we don’t want mass tourism”. And on top of that, there were several occasions where I saw Facebook posts from foreigners saying that Medellin is not local anymore. I wanted to debunk that by comparing Medellin to other touristic cities, just like Panama City, Costa Rica and more.

Find the video here:

Unfortunately, people concentrated more on the letter than the message I wanted to bring across. It seems like people understood the video wrong and made their own conclusion by saying, “Medellin is Xenophobic”.

This video should clear up the misunderstanding and help you understand what that letter and I wanted to bring across.

So again, is Medellin Xenophobic?
Not really in my opinion. Most Colombians we know, are more than welcoming and happy to meet people from all over the world. But as everywhere, there are exceptions. I would say 5% of the people aren’t as welcoming in Medellin. But they also have their reasons.

I don’t want to go too much into depth but a lot of foreigners especially tourists come here and behave themselves in a way they would never dare to, in their home country. A lot of tourists think they’re better than Colombians because they have more money and therefore more power. Many tourists come to Medellin for drugs and prostitutes and I personally totally understand why a country, a city, and its people don’t want to promote those things and attract those people.

There is always more to a story than most people tell us. If a Colombian might be rude to you, you most probably aren’t innocent.

Watch the whole video in order to understand my point and understand that there is not just one way to see things.

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