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Women’s Fashion In Medellin Colombia

Fashion in Medellin is a big thing. It’s something that a lot of people express themselves with. Fashion is like another language to tell people, if your confident, alternative, a businessman a mother, or whatever.

Of course, appearance can sometimes be misleading, but from my point of view, it helps to classify people till I get them to know.

In this way, you may get to know somebody because you notice something that you have in common.

Fashion In Medellin

One thing I immediately noticed in Medellín was the appearance of the women here. They really care a lot about their appearance and dress up even for the smallest occasions. Even when they only go grocery shopping they put on makeup and dress nicely.

What I also noticed so far is that, not only the younger generation of Colombians care about their appearance. So far I can say, that every woman no matter what age is aware, of how they look.

I think it is a really nice habit to care so much about dresses, nails, lashes, and so on. It inspires others to follow and to care more about health, confidence, and overall appearance.

In Switzerland (where I’m from) people aren’t necessary so focused on looking good and being dressed up. Work is the higher priority and you see a lot of women getting groceries with no makeup and sweatpants. The functionality is more important than how you look like.

Usually, Swiss people only dress up for special occasions. It’s the same thing in the US where a lot of girls just pull over a big sweater and wear sports leggings to go out of the house. Not that anything is wrong with that, it’s just a different culture. Occasions like going to the club or a wedding are one of the few times people get dressed up.

In the beginning, I was really surprised because the women dress like they have a special occasion every day.

That’s when I realized that this is nothing special to them. It’s just a normal day.

It’s not just the clothes, it’s also the overall demeanor. Colombian women act really confident, no matter what they are wearing.

Women’s fashion in Medellín

Dress Code In Medellin

As far as I can say, I would say that Colombians have a dress code. That means, I noticed that most Colombians are sticking to a rule when dressing.

If they are wearing something sleeveless, they tend to wear long pants or skirts.

The opposite happens when they’re wearing short pants, short skirts, or anything like that. That’s when they tend to put on a top with long sleeves. This “rule” is to not show too much skin.

This rule applies no matter how hot it is outside. This is kind of a dress code for the fashion in Medellin.

In other countries, it is just normal to put on shorts and a tank top when it’s hot outside.

Here in Colombia no matter if you’re on the coast or here in Medellin the mountains, they follow that “rule” quite strictly.

Women’s Fashion In Medellin Colombia

Western Fashion In Medellin Colombia

Colombian produce a lot of their own products including clothes. I see a lot of brands with “made in Colombia” instead of China or another Asian country.

When going to the mall or to a clothing store in Medellin, you will notice that Colombian fashion is quite influenced by the US or Europe. There are also a lot of clothing store chains from the US and other countries.

Usually, the only ones who dress traditionally here are indigenous.

But besides that, you can’t really tell the difference between the Western fashion.

Women’s Fashion In Medellin Colombia – Woman in Cartagena Colombia

The Biggest Fashion Differences Compared To Home

The biggest difference I noticed compared to Western countries is the long hair trend. No matter the age, you see a lot of Colombians with really long, dark, straight hair.

Especially in Medellin, on the coast, there is more Afro- Latin influence with curly hair. But here in Medellin, you can really see that they are really proud to have long hair. This is also kind of a Medellin fashion thing.

Also, as I mentioned before, Colombian women dress every day really nice. Like you would do in the US or Europe for a special occasion. Even though they are not wearing makeup, at least they are wearing jeans and a nice shirt instead of a sweater and baggies. By the way, I never saw a single woman wearing baggies in Medellin!

Maybe this is not really about fashion, but I think it needs to be mentioned. Women here have a better body feeling. I mean they walk more feminine than the average Western European women and their posture is way different as well. That means more upright and proud.

Due to all those differences to Western countries, most tourists stand out immediately. That doesn’t mean it is bad or anything, but it’s what I observed.

Women’s Fashion In Medellin Colombia – Colombians And Foreigners

Tourists In Medellin

Tourists usually wear shorts and flip-flops which Colombians (no matter if women or men) almost never do. This is how you can spot a foreigner easily.

Helping to stand out as a Gringo in Medellin will if you wear a big-old camera around the neck, which makes it even more obvious. AND posture, the posture from most tourists is different.

No offense, I’m just trying to tell what I see while observing people’s fashion in Medellin.

Women’s Fashion In Medellin Colombia – Clothing Store in Medellin

Conclusion: Women’s Fashion In Medellin

Women in Medellin do dress well. Are really aware of their appearance and put a lot of effort in, to keep a high beauty standard every day.

They display a lot of confidence due to their posture and the dresses they wear.

Also, they are really proud of having long black, straight hair, which I think is a really beautiful rounding off for the complete “Paisa Look”.

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